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John Gilliam is Missoula Slim, a songwriter-singer from San Marcos, Texas. John got his moniker from Kent Finlay, "the Godfather of Texas songwriters," at Cheatham Street Warehouse in 2004. Missoula has been writing and performing for many years, mostly in and around Montana, Washington and Texas. He has recently surfaced at such distinguished venues as the Saxon Pub and Threadgill's in Austin, Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos, and Riley's Tavern in Hunter. He writes in a variety of styles, ranging from folk and country to jazz and alternative rock. Many of his songs contain bits of his offbeat wit and wisdom. Missoula is currently performing in and around San Marcos and Austin, and serves as past president of the Austin Songwriters Group, and as a board member for the Cheatham Street Music Foundation. Missoula performs every Wednesday at the historic Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos, Texas, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. His second studio album, “9”, is due for a January 15th, 2017 release, and features the single “Neon Nights” with guest artist Brennen Leigh.

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